What is CENMA


The association started back at 2014 as a reaction to a growing need of neuromarketing experts to share their findings in an efficient way. CENMA allows these experts to share their knowledge all across the world and create a network of professionals spanning all continents that would allow for an interdisciplinary discussion concerning new findings, which might yield even more unforeseen discoveries in the area of neuromarketing.


What is neuromarketing

The term “neuromarketing” has been first used at 2002 as a description of a field of science ranging between neurosciences and marketing. The core idea of neuromarketing is an attempt to better understand the motivation of a customer. Neuromarketing attempts to achieve this by examining the emotional reactions of customers to marketing stimulations. There are numerous topics neuromarketing attempts to understand – one of the currently most pressing ones being a search for an answer to a question whether people tend to rely more on their emotions when making purchases or if they act more as homo economicus (rationality driven efficient purchases).